what we believe

We covenant with each other
As followers of Jesus.
To gather faithfully to worship God who gives us life.
To study the meaning of our faith. To share our joys and sorrows.
To take the time to know and be known by each other.
To give unselfishly of our time and money.
To translate the words of faith into acts of compassion and mercy.
To work for peace in our troubled world.
To take a stand for human rights.
To actively affirm the equality and dignity of all God’s children.
To strive for social and economic justice.
Remembering that in a world of limited resources, those with more must consume less.
So that those with little or nothing may have enough.
This covenant we will honor.
God being the source of our strength.


Time, Space & Universe
Source, Life-giver, Divine Mystery, Supreme Being, Force, High Power.
Steadfast, Loving, Patient, Just, Merciful and Gracious
Birthing all beings, ideas, and values,
Revealing, “I am what I am.”
Assuring, “You are my beloved.”
Engaging, “Who do you say that I am?”


Yes, because God wants to know us!
Our Christian story begins with the stories of Hebrew Scriptures, revered by Jews and Muslims,too. God makes a sacred promise (covenant) with individuals and communities, so that compassion and justice and faithfulness will shape wholesome relationships between God,
people, creatures and earth. God sent wise and holy women and men called prophets to teach the people about God’s priorities—to live in justice, mercy and humility of
relationship with God and others.


For Christians, the God story continues with the arrival of Jesus, the Christ (meaning God’s Chosen One). Jesus taught about God’s Kingdom, calling people to turn from harmful, selfish human ways and follow a new Way, reconciled with God through a discipling relationship with Jesus. His followers (disciples) shared the teachings of Jesus, and stories of healings and strange, wonderful miracles they’d witnessed—even Jesus’s own
resurrection after his death by political execution! In time, his disciples were called
Christians because they trusted Jesus as “God with us”, Savior, and Redeemer of all
Creation. And, Christians’



The Christian church experiences God as Triune, meaning “three in one” In Nature’s
wonder and beauty, we experience God as Life-giver, Parent or Creator. In Jesus Christ, we see God accessible to us in the human form, reaching out and restoring us for loving, whole
relationships. The Holy Spirit is our “real time” experience of God’s healing power at work within us. The Spirit comforts and helps us to grow in our trust of God, guiding us to know and do God’s will for ourselves, our church, our community and our planet.


Through history, most scientists, mathematicians and other great Philosophers explored both material and spiritual realities. Scientific methods of hypothesis, observation and measurement of physical realities are important ways humans have learned to understand and describe the natural world. Theology is “God-talk” which is another method humans use to understand emotions, beliefs, and ideas such as love, happiness, joy, forgiveness, justice and mercy. Theology and Science have complementary roles in exploring the wholeness of Life in the Universe.


Yes! Our community continues Jesus’s radically inclusive table fellowship—Jesus ate with everyone—no exceptions. During Jesus’s last meal with his disciples (which led to our Christian ritual of Holy Communion), he established a new covenant relationship with GOD for
humanity…welcoming ALL people into the global family of God. No matter who you are or what you may have done in the past, God wants to help you and each of us live a new life, a whole life, following Jesus together.



Each of us is made in God’s image, born to love and be loved.
All ages, physical and mental abilities, and gender or sexual orientation are welcome!
We celebrate every nation, race, religious and culture as an expression of God’s divine image.
Welcome to the love of God…
and a faith community where ALL people belong.