Devotion for the Second Week of Advent

Each week of this Season of Advent, I am sending you a devotion that I have found meaningful in my own contemplation during this season of waiting….waiting for safety of vaccinations, waiting to get back together with family, waiting to worship with our beloved faith community.
It is not easy to wait…that is one of the messages in the Scriptures of this Advent Season.  In the Gospels’ stories of Jesus’s birth….the joy of waiting for his birth is complicated by the realities of cultural expectations, political tensions and societal norms that Mary and Joseph must navigate, too.  Being human and being faithful to God has never been easy.   Yet the true message of Advent is that we CAN expect God to show up!  An earnest prayer is that we recognize it when it happens each day!
The message of the Christmas story remains: God is with us–not entering a perfect world that had been “cleaned up and readied” but God arrives into the messiness and struggle of community on Earth.  May we receive him with all the love and joy and care that we would receive a beloved child–the very apple of our eye. 
Walk in beauty, hope and faith,
Pastor Sue

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